12 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Bentonite Clay You Must Know!

Bentonite clay is the diamond in the rough. Yes, we are going back to our roots, and life is coming back in full circle – quite literally. There’s nothing the earth doesn’t give us, even though I wished we respected it a lot more than we do now.

Bentonite clay is a powerhouse that deeply cleanses your skin, flushes toxins, and removes dirt – in addition to the other wonders it can do on your skin.

Is Bentonite Clay Good For Your Skin?

Our bodies are exposed to harmful pollutants every day – from free radicals to sun exposure, dust, and grease. Our face is exposed to all things damaging. Though we cannot control most of that, we sure can reduce the ill effects by following an effective skin care routine.

The negatively charged ions in the clay attract and draw out the toxins to the skin surface. The clay also contains magnesium, silicate, copper, iron, and potassium – all of which further boost skin health.

Apart from clearing your skin’s surface, bentonite clay has a host of other benefits.

Benefits Of Bentonite Clay For Your Skin

1. Heals Acne

Acne is caused by excess oil secretion on the skin surface, which attracts and breeds acne-causing bacteria. This results in breakouts and leaves scars behind. Bentonite clay absorbs excess sebum from the skin’s topmost layer, thereby preventing acne. Using this a few times a month is a great way to control acne.

2. Unclogs Skin Pores

The negatively charged ions in the clay, as we saw, attract dust, grime, oil, and even unclog the pores. This way, the clay also prevents blemishes and blackheads. It opens and clears pores to avoid further breakouts.

3. Draws Out Toxins From Skin

We already saw how bentonite clay draws out toxins in the skin through topical application. Interestingly, one can achieve similar results by ingesting the clay. It helps flush toxins out of your body, and this also improves your skin health.

4. Naturally Exfoliates Skin

Exfoliation is something you cannot afford to miss. Your everyday scrubs might not cut it – you also need something more effective, at least a few times a month. Bentonite clay acts as an abrasive that scrapes off the dead and dying cells from the top layer of your skin, thereby clearing it up.

5. Softens Skin

The clay smoothens out bumps, unclogs pores, and removes blackheads. The result? Softer skin!

After using the clay, rinse your face and moisturize. Run your hands over your face – you will notice a remarkable difference.

6. Brightens Skin

Using bentonite clay is an inexpensive way to get results no less than that of a facial. Since all things affecting your skin health are cleared, you see visibly brighter looking skin.

7. Reduces The Appearance Of Scars

If acne is one problem, the scars left behind after treating acne are another. Bentonite clay not only treats pimples but also clears the residue that may cause scars. Using this consistently gives you great results.

8. Heals And Regenerates Skin Tissues

Bentonite clay heals damaged skin tissues and assists the regeneration of new skin cells. This way, it helps remove wrinkles and fine lines by tightening the skin.

9. Evens Skin Tone

A lot of factors can cause skin discoloration – and when not addressed on time, this can lead to pigmented and uneven skin tone. Since bentonite clay clears up your pores, reduces the appearance of scars, and exfoliates your skin, it can work wonders in evening out your skin tone.

10. Tones And Tightens The Skin

Thanks to its exfoliating properties, bentonite clay removes the stubborn whiteheads and blackheads. It retains moisture and removes excess oil, leaving your skin feeling firmer than usual. If you have dry skin, follow it up with a moisturizing lotion.

11. Reduces Blemishes

Blemishes are another issue most people with acne struggle with. Even if the acne and inflammation decrease, the blemishes that are left behind are painful to work with. Bentonite clay helps reduce the appearance of these stubborn marks.

12. Prevents Blackheads

The clay removes dead skin cells and clears up pores, which can otherwise lead to blackheads. It cleans up existing blackheads and also prevents the appearance of fresh ones.

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