It’s amazing how so many of our traditional Indian beauty regimes are making a come-back in this day and age. Take a look at Shikakai or Acacia concinna, a climbing shrub that is native to Asia. Shikakai is commonly found in India and has been traditionally used as a hair cleanser in several parts of our country.  Remember the brown paste that our grandmas washed their hair with? Well it has numerous fabulous hair care benefits!

You would be surprised to know how many hair ailments this natural hair cleanser can cure!

Let’s look at 8 of these reasons why shikakai absolutely needs to become a part of your hair care routine:

1. Shikakai can make your hair soft and shiny

Shikakai is rich with saponins, vitamins and antioxidants that make your hair shiny. Moreover, this natural cleanser lathers mildly and thus cleanses your scalp and hair gently while improving your hair’s texture.

2. Heals your scalp and prevents the agony of a dry scalp

Shikakai is a cooling agent and thus helps soothe your scalp. When you have an unhealthy, dry scalp, it affects your hair growth. Shikakai cleanses your scalp gently and induces sebum secretion which helps reverse the dryness of your scalp. Shikakai also helps reduce the itchiness and inflammation of your scalp, thus helping your scalp heal.

3. Fight that stubborn dandruff with shikakai

3. Fight that stubborn dandruff with shikakai

Fighting dandruff is an old and painful hair concern. Shikakai has antifungal properties that help get rid of dandruff for good. To give your hair a dose of shikakai, rely on the Lever Ayush Thick and Long Growth Shikakai Shampoo that’ll strengthen your tresses and help growth.

4. Shikakai boosts hair growth

Is hair loss freaking you out and making you lose sleep? Are you perhaps on the verge of buying that expensive cold pressed hair oil that promises to reduce hair loss? Pause, before you get there. Shikakai, an all-natural hair cleanser, easily available at local grocery stores and online helps boost hair growth. It is replete with antioxidants, which help fight free-radicals damaging your hair and scalp. Its gentle cleansing action helps detangle your hair softly, thus reducing hair breakage and consequent hair fall. Shikakai is also rich in vitamins like C, A, E and K and other micronutrients that nourish your scalp and boost hair growth.


5. Shikakai is a gentle detangler

5. Shikakai is a gentle detangler

Because of its silky cleansing nature, shikakai detangles your hair gently. This reduces hair breakage and hair loss. This also helps reduce damage to the hair resulting from too many chemicals. If you have unruly, curly hair and are trying to go all-natural with your hair products, shikakai will be a boon that helps detangle your tangled mop of hair!

6. Shikakai prevents dreadful split ends

All the chemical hair treatment, straightening, and free-radical generation causes terrible split ends in our hair. Once you get split ends, there is no way to heal that except to get a hair-cut and hope that the split ends don’t reappear when you hair grows out. This is where shikakai comes in as your saviour. This simple hair cleanser is rich in antioxidants which neutralize the damage-causing free radicals. Shikakai also promotes sebum secretion in your scalp which moisturizes your hair and helps prevent split ends.


7. Delays greying of hair!

7. Delays greying of hair!


While we totally dig the salt and pepper look that some of us sport, it doesn’t work for everyone. Thanks to the stressful lives that we all lead, many experience premature greying of hair. Add to that chemical hair treatment and a deluge of harsh hair care products, premature greying is a given. Shikakai helps stall the greying of hair, again because of the antioxidants that it carries. Shikakai nourishes your hair, heals the scalp and ensures that the premature greying is reversed. Isn’t that fabulous?

8. Works on hair lice

Even if it’s not you who suffers from hair lice, if a loved one or the ones you live with have this problem, it is sure to spread. Yes it’s icky and gross, but hair lice can be gotten rid of using shikakai. This awesome hair cleanser naturally arrests the growth of hair lice and helps deal with this hair concern.

One little fruit with so many hair care benefits! Go order some shikakai online or pay a visit to the local grocery store to stock up on some. This holy-grail natural hair cleanser is sure to help you have beautiful, lustrous, healthy hair.

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